The Ebola Frenzy – Miracle Needed!


If you haven’t heard about Ebola then you must have been in a coma for at least the last few weeks. The media has been feverishly (pun intended) reporting on every aspect of Ebola since a Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with the virus in Texas, United States. He has since been hospitalized and his family quarantined. CDC has been monitoring up to 100 people who had direct or indirect contact with Thomas Eric Duncan.

Ebola surged to the world’s consciousness when two American missionaries who contracted the virus while treating Ebola patients in Africa, were flown to the United States for treatment. The Americans miraculously recovered from the virus, while thousands in various African countries died within days of contracting this deadly virus. This left many people questioning why this miracle drug was not sent to African nations so that lives could be saved and the scourge of the virus curbed.

Some people believe this might be a matter of capitalism where American pharmaceutical companies want to keep control of the drug and make more money from its production. Others surmise that the drug is still in experimental stage so widespread usage of the drug is not advisable since its effects are not fully known. If they are concerned about adverse reactions, wouldn’t desperate, dying patients in Africa nations be the perfect trial candidates? Still others believe that it all boils down to the fact that poor black, Africans dying in droves from this deadly virus is simply not that big of a deal.

The latest news about Thomas Eric Duncan’s condition is that he is deteriorating and in critical condition. It has also been reported that he will not be treated with the ‘miracle’ drug Zmapp that was used to treat the two American missionaries who recovered from the virus. He has instead been given another drug – brincidofovir , which has not been previously used on humans.

The reason Thomas Eric Duncan is not being treated with ZMapp is that the miracle drug has miraculously run out. Yes, I did say it has run out! There is no more available at this time! Is this explanation plausible? How could a miracle drug that has successfully treated Ebola patients be allowed to run out? Are we to believe that the drug companies that are so interested in making money have not manufactured enough of a drug that can likely cure a deadly virus that has every one worried about Apocalypse and zombies? President Obama in a press release says he considers this virus “A top national security priority” so how on earth do they expect the public to believe that this drug has run out?

In all honesty, the public is not too alarmed that Thomas Eric Duncan is not being treated with Zmapp. Many people are angry that he has brought this disease to America and believe he should be left to die. They believe that he knew he was exposed to the deadly virus, but decided to put others at risk so he could get to America and possibly receive better treatment. The Liberian authorities said he lied about having had contact with Ebola victims on the immigration form he filled out on his way out of Liberia.

Is Thomas Eric Duncan deserving of proper treatment?

If you knew you were infected with this deadly virus, wouldn’t you go to a country where you could get the best treatment?


3 thoughts on “The Ebola Frenzy – Miracle Needed!

  1. Kenny

    If someone is wondering why Thomas Eric Duncan has not been treated with America’s miracle drug then I suggest they go take a history lesson in how capitalism works and the American policy at that. Why would you think that the poor Black’s dying in Liberia would be of utmost interest to America when there is nothing in Liberia that attracts the USA. Remember that there’s no oil or money making commodity in Liberia and after all there’s no need for slaves now. It is about time the capitalist show up when they are desperately needed or just shut up.

    Thomas might very well have lied to get out of Africa, but who wouldn’t want to escape to the land where you know you can be cured. Who in their right minds would sit around waiting to die when there’s the possibility of hope elsewhere. We are not saints so anyone would have done the same.


  2. shin

    Duncan did what any smart individual would do- he found a way to get treatment for the virus that was killing him or so he thought. if these people fear this virus so much, why not cure Duncan and the others instead of being so selfish. If Duncan is selfish, so too are drug companies.


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